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160501 cwm george beeches (1)

Yesterday I feel in love. His name is George, George Wood, and he lives near the charming little village of Dinas Powys, west of Cardiff.

160501 cwm george beeches (3)

He’s part ancient semi-natural woodland and part new native woodland, primarily dominated by oak and ash but also more recently planted with beeches.

160501 cwm george beeches (4)

Although these beeches are recent, they are now considered an essential part of George’s personality.

160501 cwm george beeches (2)

George is a bit smelly at the moment because of his preference for masses of wild garlic, but his stunning good looks more than make up for this passing phase.

160501 cwm george beeches (5)

Though it’s his beeches that made me fall in love with him, I’m sure I will also come to love his oaks and ashes just as much. I can’t wait to get to know George better!