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Until the farmer decided to plough them last week, the fields alongside the coastal path between Penarth and Lavernock were alive with birds, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Linnets and Goldfinches.

181023 Sparrowhawk hunting (1)

For those fascinated by birds, it was a feast for the eyes but for the local birds of prey, it was just a feast … or, at least, this Sparrowhawk was fervently hoping it would be a feast.

181023 Sparrowhawk hunting (2)

However, although I watched it for over an hour one day, flap-flap-flap-gliding effortlessly overhead and then swooping very low and very fast over the fields, I never saw it actually catch anything.

181023 Sparrowhawk hunting (3)

It seems the Sparrowhawk mostly went hungry and most of the little finches lived to fly another day.

181023 Sparrowhawk hunting (4)