Happy New Year to you all!

Like many people, for this new year I am setting myself some new challenges. As well as aiming to walk 1000 miles in 2019 and do more volunteering, I’m also taking up the challenge of re-wilding myself, doing something ‘wild’ every single day. By ‘wild’ I mean exploring the outdoors, birding (I’m aiming for another 200 species this year and will post my list on a separate page), learning more about wildflowers and mini-beasties, going for a walk by the seaside, getting up for the sunrise, anything really that means I’ve got my eyes, ears and mind open and that I’m truly experiencing the natural world around me. And I’m going to share my wild adventures on here.

So, rather than publishing a blog post every day as I have for the last 3 years, most days I’ll just post a ‘wild’ photo, with a sentence or two explaining what I’ve been up to or the significance of that particular photo. I will still write some longer blogs but they will probably only be weekly from now on. I hope you enjoy the new format!

190101 Cardiff Bay

a new year dawns over Cardiff Bay