I thought I’d create this new page to list the wildlife-related books I’ve been reading, most highly recommended, some thought-provoking, all interesting:

Fred Pearce, The New Wild: Why invasive species will be nature’s salvation, Icon Books, London, 2015
John Lewis-Stempel, Meadowland: The private life of an English field, Random House, London, 2014
John Wright, The Naming of the Shrew: A curious history of Latin names, Bloomsbury, London, 2015
John Lewis-Stempel, The Running Hare: The secret life of farmland, Random House, London 2016
Hugh Aldersey-Williams, Tide: The science and lore of the greatest force on earth, Penguin, London, 2017
Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss, Wonderland: A year of Britain’s wildlife, day by day, Hodder & Stoughton, London, 2017
Alice Roberts, Tamed: Ten species that changed our world, Penguin, London 2017
Mike Dilger, Nightingales in November: A year in the lives of twelve British birds, Bloomsbury, London, 2016
John Lewis-Stempel, The Wood: The life and times of Cockshutt Wood, Doubleday, London, 2018
Marianne Taylor, The Way of the Hare, Bloomsbury, London, 2017
James Macdonald Lockhart, Raptor: A journey through birds, 4th estate, London, 2016