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It may officially be called the Canada goose (Branta canadensis) but this bird should probably be called the Global goose as it seems to have made itself at home in many countries around the world. It was originally introduced to English parklands around 1665, specifically for King Charles II to add to his wildfowl collection in St James’s Park in London, but these birds have since gone forth and multiplied to such an extent that they are frequently considered a nuisance. As well as being aggressive pursuers of the bread so many people dispense freely in parks (watch out for nips!), they also have the digestive capacity to process three times as much grass as the average sheep and the more alarming ability to poop every four minutes!

160118 canada goose (1)

The Canada geese at my local lake can be as entertaining as any television soap opera. This morning another male tried to muscle in on this chap’s female so, firstly, he chased the other male away (love the tongue!), then he returned to honk sternly at his wife as if she had been the cause of the trouble (note her submissive posture), and then they both glared at the other male. What a hoot!