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Roath Park Wild Gardens, after a drenching from Storm Jonas …

160128 robin (1)

Me: ‘Hello, robin. How are you doing today?’
Robin: ‘I’m a bit hungry, lady. Do you have food for me?’

160128 robin (2)

Me: ‘No, sorry, I haven’t been to the shop to buy more birdseed yet.’
Robin: ‘Well, that’s a bit slack, especially when you expect us robins to pose for your photos.’

160128 robin (3)

Me: ‘Yes, I know. I’m sorry. I could scuff up some leaves for you. There are probably plenty of worms under there.’
Robin: ‘That would be good. Your shoes are already covered in dirt so a little more wouldn’t hurt.’

160128 robin (4)

Me: ‘It is rather muddy on these paths after all the rain that came with Storm Jonas.’
Robin: ‘It wasn’t very nice for us robins with all that wind, either. But thank you for the leaf scuffing.’

160128 robin (5)

Me: ‘I’ll leave you to fly down and look for worms, then. See you again soon.’
Robin: ‘Tra la la la la.’