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Forest Farm Nature Reserve, just north of Cardiff, is one of my favourite places, for a wander alongside the old Glamorgan Canal, for ferreting amongst the undergrowth for fungi, for enjoying the fresh air and an invigorating walk, and for photographing the local birds. With three bird hides and numerous informal feeding places scattered throughout the reserve, it’s almost impossible not to see birds. Mostly, they’re the familiar woodland and garden birds but Forest Farm is also well known for those extremely skilful anglers, the gorgeous kingfishers.

Here are some of the more common birds I photographed yesterday.

160131 1 nuthatch

Mr Greedy, the nuthatch

160131 2 dunnock

Mr Hungry, the dunnock

160131 3 great tit

Mr Handsome, the great tit

160131 4 robin

Mr Grumpy, the robin

160131 5 great tit

Mr Scruffy, the great tit