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Forest Farm Nature Reserve, a few days ago …

160203 nuthatch (1)

Nuthatch: ‘Oi, you there. The lady with the camera.’
Me: ‘Well, hello to you too, nuthatch. How’re you doing today?’

160203 nuthatch (2)

Nuthatch: ‘Never mind the pleasantries. Where’re the sunflower seeds? Don’t ya know I prefer sunflower seeds?’
Me: ‘Sorry, I don’t have any seeds.’

160203 nuthatch (3)

Nuthatch: ‘Well, if you want photos, you’ve gotta pay, y’know. Is this my best side?’
Me: ‘You’re very demanding. Yes, very handsome.’

160203 nuthatch (4)

Nuthatch: ‘Sunflower seeds or nyjer seeds are best. I’ll take this stuff if I have to but I prefer the seeds.’
Me: ‘I’ll make sure I bring payment next time. I like your bling.’

160203 nuthatch (5)

Nuthatch: ‘The bling? Well, I would’ve preferred black m’self but they don’t give you a choice, y’know.’
Me: ‘Silver goes well with your colouring. Thanks for the photos. ’Til next time.’