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As Asian people around the world are celebrating their New Year, the beginning of the year of the monkey, I thought I would also post a little celebration of monkeys. These are some of the beautiful creatures I have been privileged to see and photograph in the wild.

160212 argentina howlers

Black howler monkeys, at a sanctuary in Le Cumbre, Argentina

160212 cambodia long tailed macaque

In Cambodia, long-tailed macaques can be seen around the temples of Angkor Wat

160212 morocco barbary macaque

The Barbary macaque (also known as the Barbary ape) in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

160212 peru Brown capuchin Manu

In the Peruvian Amazon, in the jungle near Manu, a brown capuchin monkey

160212 tanzania baboons (1)

Baboons near the entrance to the Ngorongoro Crater, in Tanzania (above and below)

160212 tanzania baboons (3)

160212 tanzania vervet

A vervet monkey living on the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania