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160307 great crested grebe nesting (1)

A week ago I mentioned that I had, quite by chance, found a pair of Great Crested Grebes nesting here in Cardiff. What a joy to see! I intend revisiting them once a week or so to see how they’re progressing.

160307 great crested grebe nesting (2)

If you think sitting on a nest all day is an easy job, think again! Firstly, it seems that, just like home decorating, the nest-building process is never finished. As I watch Mr Grebe brings home some bits of weed, shows the missus, then places them carefully around the edges of the nest.

160307 great crested grebe nesting (3)

While he is off collecting more, the mate of the swan that is nesting just a few metres away comes gliding by, looking for food, perhaps with his eye on the fresh weed Mr Grebe keeps collecting. Mrs Grebe is having none of it! Feeling threatened and upset, she opens her mouth wide and starts protesting loudly at the swan.

160307 great crested grebe nesting (4)

Mr Grebe rushes home to see what’s upsetting wifey and also tells the swan in no uncertain terms to back off.

160307 great crested grebe nesting (5)

Though the swan is still quite close, the grebes calm down and hubby is about to head off for more weed.

160307 great crested grebe nesting (6)

But then another intruder gets too close: a coot comes paddling over, and Mrs Grebe gets upset all over again.

This all happened in the space of about 5 minutes. My photos are not the best but I don’t want to get too close and I don’t want to stay too long, though I don’t think the grebes even noticed my presence with all the other dramas happening.