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During my wonderful exploration of Cosmeston Lakes Country Park on Friday, I went into the bird hide on the west lake to check out the view.

160314 nesting site (1)

There before me in the reed beds – prime lakefront real estate to a wetland bird – was a coot, pottering about on the beginnings of a nest, tweaking the position of a reed or two.

160314 nesting site (2)160314 nesting site (3)

It headed off along the lake unaware that a pair of Great crested grebes had their eye on the same piece of real estate. Seeing an opportunity to gazump the coot, they quickly paddled over.

160314 nesting site (4)

Mrs Grebe tried the ‘nest’ for size.

160314 nesting site (5)

A conversation ensued. Did it have potential? Was it cosy enough? Did it have a good view? What about the neighbours?

160314 nesting site (6)

The property seemed to meet with the grebes’ approval as one of them sailed off along the lake, leaving the other to stand guard.

160314 nesting site (7)

I didn’t stick around to find out what happened when the coot returned!