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There are so many robins around at the moment, gracing our gardens, parks and woodlands with their songs and territorial squabbles and bright bursts of cheery redness, that I couldn’t help but wonder what collective noun is used for the robin. So, I googled, and found two different lists, though both had many of the same words. The British Bird Lovers website says their list was chosen by members of their Facebook page, though I’m not sure when that occurred, and the Bird Guides website reports on a poll conducted by BTO and the Sunday Express in 2011, where members of the public gave their suggestions.

160401 robins (8)

This is the combined list, accompanied, of course, by lots of photos of cute robins because you can never have too many robins! Which name is your favourite?

a round of robins                a breast of robins            a blush of robins
a bobbin of robins              a carol of robins              a gift of robins
a reliant of robins                a riot of robins                a rouge of robins
a ruby of robins                  a rabble of robins            a red of robbins
a squabble of robins           a rash of robins               a hood of robins