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160410 nesting neighbours (1)

It might not look like much but this is Cardiff’s Nest Central! The white blob in the upper left of my photo is a Mute swan, happily ensconced on her nest platform and very well hidden from passing pedestrians. In the more open areas at the front, we have a Coot perched on top of her well-engineered pile of twigs and assorted rubbish and, at the right, a Great Crested Grebe, sitting on her rather more modest nest creation.

160410 nesting neighbours (2)

This is the Grebe pair’s second nesting attempt of the season – I was lucky enough to see the four eggs they produced first time around and, apparently, the eggs did hatch but the chicks were lost to a predator/s (possibly a large pike). It’s great to see they’re trying again.

The Coots have been more successful, at least so far, with two healthy looking, very cute chicks. I guess it helps to have a high nesting platform to keep the chicks out the water until they’re larger.

Please note: These photos are taken at a distance, using a long lens, and then cropped. This site is in a public place, with frequent foot traffic, but I still make sure my visits are brief. At this time of year, it is particularly important not to disturb nesting birds, and it is, in fact, a criminal offence to disturb birds on the Schedule 1 list (see link for more information). Please respect the birds.