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I’ve always thought Ryan Gosling was rather cute but, sorry Ryan, you pale in comparison to these little guys and gals.

160503 goslings (2)

The Greylag geese (Anser anser) at Cardiff’s Roath Park Lake have produced at least three nests of goslings so far this spring, and they are the most delightful little creatures: awkward on their feet, quick to learn, well trained to stay close to mum and dad, playful little jokesters, fast growing, bundles of fluff.

160503 goslings (5)

Greylags usually lay between five and eight eggs, often in a large floating nest hidden amongst reeds, though at Roath Park they seem to nest under the vegetation on the small islands, where they’re protected from predatory Lesser black-backed gulls. Unlike many waterbirds, Mr and Mrs Greylag stay together to feed and guard their offspring, and the family will remain together until the adult birds are ready to mate again.

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