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Gardeners will look at these pictures and want to squash this not-so-little critter or, if they’re feeling kindly, drown it in beer – what a way to die! – whereas when I found this slug, I thought ‘Wo, what a wonderful looking creature you are!’

160718 large red slug (1)

Having been a gardener and lost many a cherished seedling to the ravages of my slug’s cousins, I can certainly sympathise with their need to destroy all slugs.

160718 large red slug (2)

And, perhaps if I still had a garden, I might have been tempted. But even then, I don’t know. I mean it’s just so cute.

160718 large red slug (3)

Look at that pretty orange-and-black-striped skirt! Look at that dimpled brow!

160718 large red slug (4)

And when it began to poke out its little tendrils / eyes and waved them at me, I was lost.

160718 large red slug (5)

This is probably Arion rufus, commonly known as the Red slug, the Large red slug, the Chocolate arion or the European red slug.

160718 large red slug (6)