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For world wildlife Wednesday this week we’re heading to Cambodia where I lived and worked for 7 months in 2013. In January that year, I visited the seaside town of Kep with some friends. Kep is particularly famous for its delicious crabs and, just as other places have huge statues of their typical food product (in New Zealand, Ohakune has an enormous carrot; in Australia, Woombye a huge pineapple – I’m sure there are others), so Kep has this large statue of a crab – a male crab I am reliably told – something to do with the width of the central plate on its tummy!

The locals make a living from farming and catching crabs, and it was interesting to watch them checking their traps in the warm waters near the crab market. Both the sunset, which we enjoyed at the one of the restaurants near the crab market, and the crabs we ate later, were superb, as were all the other types of fresh seafood we savoured in Kep: prawns, shrimps, fish, squid and octopus. Seafood is my absolute favourite food so I was in heaven.

Our beach walks also featured many crabs: this large one had escaped the traps and was blowing bubbles on the sand at the water’s edge (thought to be how crabs aerate their gills when out of water), and the tiny hermit crabs were fun to watch, scuttling along the sand with their homes on their backs.

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