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Me: ‘Robin, you’re back!’


Robin: ‘Back? I haven’t been away.’
Me: ‘But I haven’t seen or heard from you in months.’


Robin: ‘Well, no, lady, I’ve been too busy to just sit around and chat, y’know.’
Me: ‘What’ve you been up to, little robin?’


Robin: ‘I had a mate to find and a territory to defend and a nest to build and kids to feed and rear. Summer’s a busy time for us robins!’
Me: ‘Phew, I feel tired just listening to you. And here was me thinking you were just hiding in the leafy trees or that you’d gone on your summer holidays.’


Robin: ‘Holidays? Fat chance! It’s been hard work for the last few months.’
Me: ‘You do look as if you’ve lost weight.’


Robin: ‘I have, and now winter’s coming so I need to fatten up to keep warm. So, lady, got any food for me today?’