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Waxcaps can be wavy, waxen, wanton, waterlogged, weathered, wee, weensy, wet, whimsical, winsome, wispy, withered, wing-like, willowy, windblown, wobbling, wonderful, worshipful, wordless, worshipped, wondrous, wonky, wraithlike, and wrinkly!


These beauties, and their friends and families, are displaying many of those characteristics right now at my local cemetery. They are the Blackening waxcap (Hygrocybe conica), Fibrous (Hygrocybe intermedia), Golden (Hygrocybe chlorophana), Parrot (Gliophorus psittacinus), Persistent (Hygrocybe acutoconica), Pink (Porpolomopsis calyptriformis), Scarlet (Hygrocybe coccinea), Slimy (Gliophorus irrigatus), and Snowy waxcap (Cuphophyllus virgineus).