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I’d only seen these delightful little birds, the Turnstones (Arenaria interpres), once before I went to Cornwall and they were doing as their name suggests, turning over stones around Cardiff Bay, looking for the tiny insects, molluscs and crustaceans they like to eat.


the Cardiff Turnstones

However, though they looked exactly the same, the Cornish Turnstones were different birds entirely. No turning over muddy wet stones for these cute creatures – instead, they’ve followed the example of the gulls (and the occasional Starling) and learnt that scavenging from humans is a much easier way to obtain food, with crumbs of Cornish pasty their morsels of choice!

Turnstones were present in all the little harbour towns we visited and, though their habit is to scurry very quickly to and fro, they appeared very comfortable around people. They are adorable little birds and a pleasure to watch.