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I’ve admired this young avenue of trees since I moved to Cardiff in August 2015, and I posted some photos of how it looked through the seasons back in November 2016, when I blogged about National Tree Week. I’d always been puzzled by what type of tree these were, but no longer. Thanks to the wonderfully informative blog by Pat at The Squirrelbasket and a look at the excellent Cardiff Council Horticultural Database website, I now know the avenue is made up of 100 disease-resistant elms of the variety Ulmus ‘New Horizon’. The trees were planted in November 2004 to mark 2005 as the centenary of Cardiff becoming a city and the city’s 25th jubilee as capital of Wales. Pat will be blogging about these trees each month for the next year so, if you’re a tree lover like me, I suggest you follow her blog to read more about this glorious elm avenue.