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170321 Delamere Forest (2)

How will the legend of the age of trees
Feel, when the last tree falls in England?
When the concrete spreads and the town conquers
The country’s heart; when contraceptive
Tarmac’s laid where farm has faded,
Tramline flows where slept a hamlet,
And shop-fronts, blazing without a stop from
Dover to Wrath, have glazed us over?
Simplest tales will then bewilder
The questioning children, “What was a chestnut?
Say what it means to climb a Beanstalk,
Tell me, grandfather, what an elm is.
What was Autumn? They never taught us.”

~  an extract from C. S. Lewis’s ‘The Future of Forestry’, for this the International Day of Forests and World Poetry Day. My photos are of Delamere Forest, Cheshire, in the autumn.

170321 Delamere Forest (1)