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When I relocated from New Zealand to Wales in 2015, it didn’t occur to me that I was swopping one sheep-filled nation with another but so it has turned out.

170626 Welsh sheep (1)

Wales has around 10 million sheep; Welsh lamb is considered a delicacy; beautiful wool is produced locally; and I sometimes hear the same lewd sheep jokes that I used to hear in New Zealand.

170626 Welsh sheep (2)

The Welsh have taken their worship of the sheep one step further than New Zealand – there’s a National Wool Museum and, no, I haven’t been – but New Zealand still has a higher sheep to human ratio than Wales, at 7 to 1 as opposed to a measly 4 to 1.

170626 Welsh sheep (3)

I met this friendly Welsh local on my recent birding trip to Lliw Reservoirs.