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I had a super walk around Cardiff Bay yesterday …

170821a Linnets

A family of four Linnets were feeding on the Ely embankment. The seeds of Herb Robert seemed to be their food of choice.

170821b Linnets

This is one of six Turnstones foraging along the shoreline. I love their breeding plumage, which is now just beginning to change back to their less colourful winter plumage.

170821c Turnstone

These House martin chicks were poking their heads out of a nest on a house at the end of Penarth Marina.

170821d House martins

A close-up of one of a family of six immature Swans by the Barrage.

170821e Swan

And a little further long, this juvenile Pied wagtail was slipping and sliding along the wires at the shoreline.

170821f Pied wagtail

At Cardiff Bay wetlands, I followed a flock of tits and friends, and snapped this lovely bird. It might be a warbler or it might be a Chiffchaff – I couldn’t be sure as I didn’t hear its song and it wouldn’t show me its legs!

170821g Warbler or Chiffchaff

This young Moorhen was sticking close to the reeds while its parent was engaged in nest reconstruction, which seems just a little late in the year.

170821h Moorhen

And back over the other side of the Bay, by Ferry Court, this is one of three immature Great crested grebes that were swimming around amongst the Coots, Tufted ducks and Swans.

170821i Great crested grebe