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180524 Razorbills (1)

Though it’s darker in colour, the Razorbill (Alca torda) looks, at first glance, a lot like the Guillemot but then you notice that beak, the sharpness of which is how the bird got its name. It’s a fish eater, which is why its population has been steadily declining – there just aren’t the numbers of sprats, herrings and sandeels in the ocean any more to feed these beautiful creatures.

180524 Razorbills (2)

Like the Guillemot, the Razorbill only comes ashore to breed, which is how I got to see them close up, on my recent trip to the Farne Islands.

180524 Razorbills (3)

Razorbills partner for life – I wonder how long these two have been together?

180524 Razorbills (4)180524 Razorbills (5)