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A friend asked me recently what my three favourite birds were from my recent birding trip: I think she was a little surprised by my answer. Number one, not surprisingly, was the Puffin – so beautifully marked, so much character; number two was the Glossy ibis – I loved that we got such close views and were able to observe its behaviour; and number three was this little bird, the Sedge warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus).

180528 sedge warbler (1)

Though usually very vocal, often loudly so, they are more often heard than seen, and I’d only had brief glimpses of Sedge warblers hiding amongst reed beds before this trip.

So, having the opportunity to see this little bird at very close quarters and listen to him belting out his song, intent on advertising himself to any potential mates and stake his claim on his little bit of the planet, oblivious to the likes of me and others taking his photo, and watching and listening intently to him, was pure dead brilliant!

180528 sedge warbler (8)