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My friend Sharon has a lovely garden: an area of lawn bordered by flowers, shrubs and hedge; a separate area for growing vegies, the glasshouse and the beehives; and a lovely little bit of wild woodland at the end. It’s a paradise for birds, particularly because Sharon also has lots of feeders that she keeps stocked up with seeds of various kinds and suet blocks. As a person who lives in a first-floor flat with no garden, I just love visiting Sharon’s garden. I could sit watching the birds all day long.

180705 1 Pengam garden birds

My photos show just a few of the birds that entertained us yesterday – and these 14 species are not the only birds that visit: House sparrow, Blue tit, Great tit, Collared dove, Woodpigeon, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Bullfinch, Carrion crow, Great spotted woodpecker, Magpie, Robin, Dunnock, and Blackbird.

180705 2 Great spotted woodpecker

The Great spotted woodpeckers have been bringing their offspring to the garden this year

180705 3 Woodpigeon and Carrion crow

The Woodpigeon doesn’t look too happy about the Carrion crow being so close

180705 4 Blackbird

A Blackbird with an odd beak

180705 5 Goldfinches and Bullfinch

‘This is ours’, squawked the Goldfinch to the Bullfinch, but …

180705 6 Bullfinch

… the Bullfinch won out on the day!

180705 7 Collared dove

A beautiful Collared dove