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Today marks a personal milestone, as this is my 1000th consecutive post since I started this blog way back on 7 December 2015. My original intention was to make the daily blog a personal challenge for 2016: I’d done ‘photo a day’ challenges previously so the blog was just an extension of that idea. And at the end of 2016, I stayed keen and carried on.

180830 robin (1).jpg

There’s an element of pressure in posting each and every day, constantly trying to find new and interesting topics, always keeping an eye out for good photo opportunities and, when a holiday is in the offing, writing blogs for a week or two in advance, so as to keep the daily posts going. If only I was getting paid for doing it!

180830 robin (2)

Along the way, I’ve amassed a loyal band of followers and enjoyed some lovely interaction with others who love the natural world as much as I do. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you who have hit the ‘like’ button or taken the time to post a comment. Your feedback and support are very welcome.

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In future, I may not post every single day but, for as long as I can find something wonderful / marvellous / colourful / stimulating / fascinating / entertaining / smile-inducing to share, this blog definitely will not stop. And as one of my followers, Theresa Green, wrote on her blog everyday nature trails, ‘there’s never nothing to see’.

p.s. Some of your favourite posts have been about Robins so these photos seemed appropriate. 🙂