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At the end of September, various circumstances combined to prevent me from visiting my Mono (Acer pictum ssp. mono), the tree I’m following this year, but I did manage to pay it a visit on 19 October. And I’m so glad I did, as I managed to get some photos of it in all its autumn glory, before last weekend’s storm-force winds blew most of its leaves off.

181107 Acer mono (1)

So, here it is on 19 October, a blaze of orange loveliness …

181107 Acer mono (2)181107 Acer mono (3)

A closer shot of the leaves still on the tree, and another looking up through the canopy from underneath.

Some close-ups of the leaves on the ground. I love the variety of colours in these.

181107 Acer mono (12)

And here’s Mono on 2 November, a shadow of its former gloriousness, though what remains is a lighter, more yellow colour than before. It’s interesting to note, too, how more leaves remain on the left side of the tree, presumably because that side is a little more shaded and sheltered.

181107 Acer mono (14)

Soon, all that will remain will be this carpet of leaves below the tree and skeletal branches above.

181107 Acer mono (13)