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Shame on me! I bought a big bag of bird seed at one of the local cheapo shops for just a pound. It was a mistake, a case of false economy, as it’s almost 90% large seeds that the littler birds, the robins and tits, can’t eat, and it’s those littlies that I like to feed – I figure most of the larger birds can take care of themselves.

190217 tufted duck

Still, the cheap seed needs to be eaten. So, today, battling blustery winds, sheltering from hail behind too-narrow tree trunks, I bore two containers-full to Cosmeston, one lot for the Tufties, who lived up to their name as diving ducks by plunging constantly underwater following the sinking seed, and one for whichever of the bigger birds wanted the bounty I broadcast under the trees, which turned out to be a small clattering of grateful Jackdaws.

190217 jackdaw