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Hearing Nightingales sing was a first for me on our birding trip to Kent and we heard quite a few birds in a couple of different locations. But, despite ten people standing and staring at the source of their beautiful songs, we struggled to see the actual birds. Sometimes I could see an indistinct object moving behind the foliage; once I caught a good sighting through my binoculars of a head and moving beak through a break in a bush. The only relatively clear sighting I managed to get was at Cliffe Pools, where a bird poked its front end out of a bush for a very short time, before hopping back in to the shadows. Here, then, are a photo of the blurry front of a Nightingale, the bush containing the bird – can you see it?, and a shot of its tail.

190511 nightingale (1)190511 nightingale (2)190511 nightingale (3)