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One of our frequent challenges during our Kent birding trip was to tell apart the song of the Reed and Sedge warblers, and so we nicknamed them ‘Redgies’.

190517 sedge warblers (1)

In fact, I had my ear reasonably well tuned, as I’d spent some time listening to recordings in the previous weeks, as I tried to find these birds in my local area. And, as well as their preferred habitats being slightly different – Reed warblers really do prefer reed beds, while Sedge warblers like scrubby areas near water – they also exhibit different behaviour: the Reed warblers skulk more and I didn’t manage to get a single photo of them, whereas the Sedgies seem to be little exhibitionists, frequently sitting in a prominent position to belt out their song.

190517 sedge warblers (2)

Here, then, are some photos of Sedge warblers from our various locations in Kent.