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Some days it’s only Nature that keeps me sane – today was one of those days and these gorgeous creatures played a big part in restoring my sanity and making me grin from ear to ear. In case you don’t know, this is a Great crested grebe and its two chicks, which are often referred to as Humbugs because of their resemblance to the black-and-white-striped sweet of that name.

190524 Great crested grebe (1)

I think this is their Dad who’s carrying them – Mum, a smaller version of Dad, was nearby. The parents take turns protecting their chicks by carrying them on their backs. I’m not sure if that gaping beak is a yawn or a wish to be fed – I suspect the former.

190524 Great crested grebe (2)

Dad was getting quite upset at this point because a fight between a Coot and a Mallard was coming a little too close for comfort.

190524 Great crested grebe (3)

Calm restored. Snoozing bookends!

190524 Great crested grebe (4)

Curiosity! Soon after this, the closest chick ventured out on to the water for a very brief moment before deciding it was much safer and more comfortable on Dad’s back.