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I didn’t spot the fledgling Dipper at first, its pale brown, grey and yellow tones blending in perfectly with the dull hues of old concrete and rusty metal.

190612 dippers (1)

Then I spotted the adult Dipper flying towards the weir and, as soon as the young one opened its mouth, that bright orange gape was impossible to miss. It shouted ‘Feed me!’

190612 dippers (2)

Four times I watched the adult bird fly off downstream, desperately searching around stones and under water for more tasty titbits.

190612 dippers (3)190612 dippers (4)190612 dippers (5)

As soon as it had a mouthful, back to its chick it flew, to deposit the snacks into that wide and ravenous orange mouth. I really don’t know how bird parents find the energy to keep up their constant effort. What an incredible job they do in rearing their young!

190612 dippers (6)