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The Nuthatch is such an entertaining bird, with its propensity to run, quite quickly, headlong down tree trunks.

191209 nuthatch (1)

Over the centuries, and throughout Britain, this very handsome bird has acquired a wealth of vernacular names. My Fauna Botannica lists the following: mud dabber and mud stopper (I’ve never seen one near mud but this, apparently, refers to its plastering of mud around the entrance to its nest); nutcracker, nutback, nut jobber and nut topper (it is rather partial to nuts); woodcracker, woodbacker and woodjar (it likes to wedge the nuts it collects in cracks in tree bark, to hold them firm while it attacks them with its beak); and jar bird and jobbin (‘to job’ meaning ‘to jab’, at the nuts).

191209 nuthatch (2)

In Welsh the Nuthatch is Telor y Cnau, which translates as Nut warbler. I’m not sure I would label its rather strident call a warble – to me it’s more of a trill, but that’s just my interpretation.

191209 nuthatch (3)

This particular bird was stocking up on the sunflower hearts I had put out for the small birds to snack on at Cosmeston today.

191209 nuthatch (4)