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The Moorhens of Cosmeston’s dipping pond have had a bumper year.

191214 moorhen family (1)

I blogged about their first brood of five on the day they hatched 1 April ‘91/365 New arrivals’ and then reported on their progress on 28 April 118/365 Chick update’.

191214 moorhen family (3)

Then, on 25 June, in 176/365 More new arrivals, I happily announced the arrival of five more chicks.

191214 moorhen family (4)

I must have missed the hatching of the third brood, which probably arrived in early September. I’m not sure how many there were but four have survived and flourished, as you can see in this latest set of family photos.

191214 moorhen family (2)

These adult Moorhens are obviously excellent parents!