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Mr and Mrs Coot are pleased to announce the laying of three eggs! I can’t tell male from female Coot – I’m not even sure if it’s possible to tell which is which – but one of them was sitting tight on the nest when I visited this morning.

200313 coot (1)

However, this small area of water has two pairs of Coots in residence, and they are uneasy neighbours. First, they were simply trying to intimidate each other.

200313 coot (2)

Next thing you know, there’s a full scale battle underway.

200313 coot (3)

And the sitting Coot left the nest to join in the tussle, which is how I know there are three eggs.

200313 coot (4)

Luckily, the skirmish didn’t last long, and the eggs were soon safe and warm under their parent once more.

200313 coot (5)