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As opportunity and luck have allowed, I’ve been taking photos of this year’s juvenile birds. This first photo, of one of a couple of young Pied wagtails, was taken about a month ago, on a walk alongside the River Ely. The two fledglings looked very young, quite exposed and vulnerable, and the parents were nowhere to be seen. I only saw the young birds this one time.

200623 1 juv pied wagtail

Juvenile Blackcaps look like the female of the species, which also wears a brown cap, as opposed to the black cap atop the males’ heads.

200623 2 juv blackcap

Blue tit young are very cute, following along in the trees and bushes behind their parents, constantly peeping for food and learning to forage by watching the adults as they gather tiny insects to feed their noisy offspring.

200623 3 juv blue tit

Long-tailed tit chicks are probably the cutest of the common young birds, I think. This one kept poking its head into that curly leaf below it, searching for tiny insects. Sadly, the photos I tried to capture of that were all blurry.

200623 4 juv long-tailed tit