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One thing about the rain, it brings out the fungi.

200713 inkcap (2)

This might be a Goldenhaired inkcap (Parasola auricoma), which can often be found growing on bark chips in gardens, or it could be a Pleated inkcap (Parasola plicatilis), which mostly grow in short grass, or it might also be a Bald inkcap (Parasola Leiocephala), which likes short grass and woodland edges. Though my specimen looks like it’s surrounded by grass, there were twigs, small branches and pieces of bark in amongst the grass, and woodland trees nearby, so the habitat doesn’t aid with identification.

200713 inkcap (1)

As I don’t own a microscope and don’t want to get in to the often complicated process of identifying fungi, I simply enjoyed seeing this little surprise that had popped up along my path.