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One highlight of a bumper birding day at Cosmeston last Friday was seeing rather than just hearing a little family of Reed warblers (they frequently hide away amongst the reeds so only their distinctive call can be heard). I caught glimpses of birds moving in the greenery, then recognised the constant call of a youngster and figured I had a better than usual chance of seeing something, as young birds are often less wary than adults.

200901 reed warbler (1)

So, I waited … and I waited … and after 7-8 minutes, this little cutie popped out, foraged, hopped up and down the reed stems, and poked about in the bushes.

200901 reed warbler (2)

And then, judging by how often it kept closing its eyes, I think it headed back into cover amongst the reeds for a snooze.

200901 reed warbler (3)