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As the flow of migrating birds begins to slow, I’m seeing less of the locally unusual and more of the rowdy residents and, apart from a multitude of Meadow pipits flitting about the fields at Cosmeston on Monday, the highlights of my birding this week have been my encounters with these two wee Wrens.

200925 wren (1)

The first was tiny, sitting crouched on the coastal path, looking as if it should really be back in the cosiness of its nest, though when I slowly approached to encourage it off the path, it scuttled away quickly to shelter amongst the foliage. It may have looked young and a little poorly but I think that as long as its parents were nearby, it should be just fine.

200925 wren (2)

My second Wren encounter came during a quick circuit of Cosmeston’s east and west paddocks between belts of rain on Wednesday. I could see and hear birds feeding amongst the umbellifers and initially thought they were all Goldfinches and Linnets, when up popped this young Wren just in front of me.

200925 wren (3)

My Kiwi friends will understand when I say it looked like a possum in the headlights – it froze, unsure whether to feed or flee, not knowing if I presented a threat or could be ignored. I was able to walk a few steps closer and get quite a few photos before it decided that disappearing down into the long grass really was the safest option.

200925 wren (4)