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When I can’t arrange to meet up with and chat to friends, due to our Covid-19 lockdown rules, I talk to the birds, usually Robins (as my previous Conversations with Robins blog posts testify) but lately the many Stonechats that have been living in the local fields.

201027 stonechat (1)

If I approach slowly and quietly, then stand still and wait, they’ll often pop up on branches and plant tops quite close to me.

201027 stonechat (2)

I can talk very softly, and they don’t fly off. They watch me – are they just being cautious, keeping an eye on this intruder in their space?

201027 stonechat (3)

Or are they curious? Or maybe they’re just plain cheeky, knowing they can check me out but fly off in the beat of a wing?

201027 stonechat (4)

Spending time with these gorgeous wee chats brings me much joy. And, yes, I am a crazy bird lady!

201027 stonechat (5)