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On Sunday, I blogged about the wildflowers I’ve recently found still blooming in local farm fields. When I’ve been wandering those field edges, I have, of course, also been keeping one eye on the skies, to see what birds might be enjoying this currently unmanaged farmland. Here’s a selection …

201110 blackbird

There were several species of winter thrushes feeding in berry trees – Song thrushes, Redwings and a small flock of Fieldfares, and a large number of Blackbirds, the only ones I managed to photograph.

201110 chiffchaff

Two Chiffchaffs were chasing each other through tree branches. They’re late migrating but some Chiffchaffs do remain in Britain so maybe these two will stay local this winter.

201110 dunnock

A juvenile Dunnock was calling constantly, presumably for its parents, but they may well have decided it was time to cut the parental ties.

201110 reed bunting

Reed buntings aren’t always found in reeds. A family of three were flitting from hedge to field, foraging for seeds and insects.