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This gorgeous wee duck has already starred in a couple of this winter’s blog posts but yesterday, when I passed her regular spot, she was closer to the path than usual so I managed to get some slightly better photos, which I can’t resist sharing.

210130 ring-necked duck (1)

The Ring-necked duck (Aythya collaris), like the Tufted ducks this one spends its time with locally, is a diving duck that summers and breeds in North America but migrates to spend the winter in the southern United States and Central America. Sometimes that migration goes awry and, according to the BTO, around 21 Ring-necked ducks find their way to Britain each year.

210130 ring-necked duck (2)

Hopefully, in another month or so, our winter visitor, this lovely immature female Ring-necked duck, will catch a favourable wind to carry her back across the Atlantic to rejoin others of her kind and find herself a mate. Fingers crossed!

210130 ring-necked duck (3)