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Whenever I spot a colour-ringed gull, I always try to get photographs of the ring so I can report the sighting and find out the bird’s history. Sometimes that history is quite exciting, with birds being reported from foreign shores, but this particular seabird, a Lesser black-backed gull spotted at Roath Park lake last week, is a bit of a stay-at-home.

221020 ringed lbb gull (2)

According to Peter Rock, urban gull expert and ringing scheme organiser, the gull was ringed in Cardiff in 2020 but has only ever been sighted at the lake. Peter does say that it might ‘set off late to spend its winter somewhere unknown’ … or it might just hang around in Cardiff all year, as many gulls do. If I visit the lake during the winter months, I will certainly be looking out for it.

221020 ringed lbb gull (1)