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While we’re on the subject of Song thrushes
I know many people have trouble working out whether the bird they’re seeing is a Song thrush or a Mistle thrush. As I’ve managed to get reasonably close photos of both recently, I thought I’d post a blog comparing the two.

230201 song and mistle thrush (1)

The Song thrush (left) is smaller than a Blackbird, has arrowhead-shaped markings on its upper breast, its tail is the same colour as the rest of its back, and the edges of its wing feathers are a pale orange-buff colour. The Mistle thrush (right) is larger than a Blackbird, has breast markings that start off looking like sharp thorns then become more rounded and often smudge together, its tail tends to be a different colour to its back, and its wing feathers are usually edged in white. Also, the Mistle thrush has a very upright stance and often looks like it has a bit of a pot belly. The British Trust for Ornithology has an excellent short video on YouTube if you want to learn more.

230201 song and mistle thrush (2)  –  Song thrush, top, and Mistle thrush, below