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These photos are hot off the memory card, as we’ve had a lovely visitor in Cardiff Bay today, this beautiful first winter Little gull. The gull’s presence is not a huge surprise to local birders, as this is the time of year we often see one in the Bay. As the BTO website reports ‘This dainty gull is most often seen during its northward spring migration, when small parties can turn up along the coast or even at inland waters.’

230324 little gull (1)

Little gulls are incredibly active birds: while the Black-headed gulls were happy to bob about on the water, pecking at titbits as they floated past, the Little gull was almost constantly in flight, skilfully weaving and diving despite the strong winds, dipping down to the water’s surface when it spotted something to eat. It was magical to watch, though the other gulls weren’t as happy to see this stranger as we birders were!

230324 little gull (2)