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Are they Common frog tadpoles? Or are they Toad tadpoles? At this stage, I don’t think it’s possible to tell. I’ve read that toad tadpoles remain black and frog tadpoles change to a greenish colour, though I’m not sure when that happens. My photos here were taken four days apart, the first on 23 March and the second yesterday, 27 March, and there seems not to have been any change to them.

230328 tadpoles (1)

Though I have been checking areas of standing water, I’ve missed seeing any amphibian spawn this year. These particular tadpoles are living in a roadside puddle, fortunately one that seems to contain water most of the time, so I will check back on them in a week or so.

230328 tadpoles (2)

There is something magical about watching this tiny creatures wriggling – it carries me back to warm childhood days. Here’s a very short video that I hope the child in you will also enjoy.