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Many birders ignore what they consider the ordinary birds, the backyard birds, in favour of the rare and unusual. To me, that’s a bit like only being interested in famous movie stars and ignoring all the supporting actors, the bit players, the extras. I adore all birds but I am particularly charmed by the ordinary birds – every day they make me laugh and smile, their gorgeous colours and intricate plumage delight my eye, their melodies are better than any man-made music. So, for me, yesterday was another magical day with these beautiful extra-ordinary birds at Forest Farm Nature Reserve.

160219 (1)

a male bullfinch, such a handsome chap

160219 (2)

a little wren foraging in the undergrowth

160219 (3)

another handsome fellow, a male chaffinch

160219 (4)

Mr Blackbird keeping an eye on me

160219 (5)

a dunnock – such a darling!

160219 (6)

one of the cutest of them all, a blue tit

160219 (7)

Mr Greedy, the nuthatch

160219 (8)

a Little grebe is well camouflaged amongst the reeds

160219 (9)

another cutie pie, a long-tailed tit

160219 (10)

no day’s birding would be complete without a robin or three