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In spite of occasional hail showers and a biting cold wind, yesterday was another magical day at Forest Farm Nature Reserve. I was serenaded by robins, I laughed at the antics of the cute little blue tits, was entertained by the thrushes and blackbirds performing acrobatic stunts in search of the tastiest ivy berries, and enjoyed the most wonderful privilege of a great tit perching on my hand to eat the seeds I was offering. Here are a few of my photos.

160305 ff1 dunnock

A little timid, often overlooked, but very lovely dunnock

160305 ff2 thrush

Both the thrush (above) and blackbird (below) were feasting on ivy berries

160305 ff3 blackbird

160305 ff4 great tit

A great tit

160305 ff5 blue tit

Always so cute, a little blue tit

160305 ff6 bullfinch

A male bullfinch – such stunning colours

160305 ff7 robin

No visit to Forest Farm is complete without a robin or twenty!