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Perhaps, my title for this post should read smell it, see it, record it, as you usually smell Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) before you see it – that’s how pungent its aroma can be! This cousin to the chive, which grows in many parts of Europe and Asia, is also known as Ramsons, and can be found in parks and woodlands throughout Wales – or can it?

160412 wild garlic (1)

The database for the South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre (SEWBReC) was only showing 1400 records at the start of this month but they’re certain there must be many many more areas where this prolific plant is growing. So, SEWBReC have nominated Wild garlic as their plant of the month and they’re asking as many people as possible to record their sightings.

So, come on Citizen Scientists of Wales. This is a very easily recognisable plant – no detailed analysis needed, no microscope required – just a good nose (more info here, if you’re not entirely sure). And entering your findings into the SEWBReC database is also easy peasy (instructions here). I expect there’ll be so many records by the end of April that the Welsh national emblem will change from leek to Wild garlic!

160412 wild garlic (4)